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There is a Lot of Talk About Addiction Rehab and Recovery. We’re Doing Something

For Nearly Two Decades We’ve Been Providing Effective Treatment & Recovery Solutions for Atlanta and America

HUGS Recovery Centers are the skilled leaders in addiction treatment and recovery management. We have the decades of experience to truly understand your situation. We know the best ways to help you. Our team has more than 100 collective years of personal experience in recovery.

I’m Derrick D Billingslea, the founder of HUGS Recovery Centers and a former rehab client as well.  I experienced the full dive to the bottom of active addiction. Now with more than two decades sober, I have the background and first hand experience to deeply understand what you and your family are going through.

We are highly trained professionals with the personal experience that makes a big difference in our approach. We have been licensed by the State of Georgia since 1999. And Internationally Accredited since 2004. We provide a full range of treatment for issues like Alcoholism, Depression, Anxiety, ADHD, Opioid and other Substance Use Disorders.

This is where both adults and adolescents get expert, caring, effective help. Our team of Master’s Level Clinicians provide affordable care that can give you your life back. This is the next step to help you overcome challenges and move on to a far better experience.

Some other treatment clinics seem to be in it just for the money. You wonder if they really care about you. And you aren’t sure their methods are actually going to help you or your loved one recover.

Because many on our team have been in rehab, some overcoming decades of addiction, we have the personal commitment to give you the respect and effective treatment you deserve. We want you to get well. And do so without breaking the bank.

We accept Most major insurance plans. And because we are centrally located in Atlanta, Georgia – this is a program that is convenient for  many people.

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Please Call Us for your Free no-obligation consultation. Let’s discuss your challenges or the problems someone you love is facing. We are compassionate and respectful. You will learn about the best possible solutions, our treatment methods, and the easy steps to getting started.

Call now. We are waiting for your call. Call toll free 888-874-0593.


State-of-the-art facilites. Conveniently located near Atlanta's Heartsfield-Jackson International Airport

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Medication in Prison Associated with Reductions in Fatal Opioid Overdoses After Release

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What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

In this day and age, it’s hard to find a company you can trust. HUGS Recovery Centers was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of service I received was outstanding. Keep up the good work and I'll remain on this wonderful path of recovery!


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The level of service at HUGS Recovery Centers is fantastic. Having been a client for two years, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member I have come in contact with. Thank you for my recovery.


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Today I have a loving relationship with my family and friends, a great job and most importantly, I'm alcohol and drug free. Thank God for the love of HUGS.


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Going to HUGS Recovery Centers in the fall of 2002 was the life changing experience that I needed. The staff always showed me how to look at things in a more realist way. You could feel the love. I shall always be thankful for them guiding me to the loving path of recovery.


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Ask about our upcoming medication assisted treatment for opioid dependence, because some people can't help that they are addicted to drugs....but we can.