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6 Free Mobile Apps For Recovery

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By Derrick D. Billingslea.

For centuries individuals in recovery would carry around notebooks, notepads, pens, pencils, the big book, etc, to help track their recovery progress. Now we live in a technology society where everyone is carrying around this thing called a cellphone/smartphone and with it comes great inventions for convince. HUGS Recovery Centers has found some great apps that will help you with your addiction.

Sober Grid

Beau Mann
iOS Free Android Free
Geosocial Networking
Sober Grid is a free iOS/Android app that connects you with other sober people.
This free, location-based app allows users find and connect with others in recovery who are near them for support, encouragement, information, and sober friendship. You can remain anonymous if you wish. It displays a grid of app users in the general vicinity (giving an approximate distance) and allows you to message that user, post messages to a news feed, or alert others that you are in need of support.
“Sober Grid is just like Facebook, but better. The content on the news feed is so helpful for us in the recovery process. It will give you inspiration and motivation to stay sober. Staff is caring, and so are users, you’ll make new great sober friends who’ll support you every step of the way. Simply amazing!” – Ailette R.

AA Big Book and More
Rob Laltrello
iOS Free
Your ultimate recovery resource.
The text of “Alcoholics Anonymous” otherwise known as the “Big Book”.
This free app is easy to use, helps you keep track of your sobriety, provides the text of the AA Big Book, and offers encouraging messages daily.

Falesafe Consulting, Inc
iOS Free
Provides over 150,000 current meetings curated by support group members who can give input/corrections on meetings. A personal scoring system, the Sobriety Score, helps people track their progress, as each recovery activity they participate in on the app goes towards their score. The app also includes Daily Reflections tagged by keyword and no advertising.

iOS Free Android Free
This app is geared to relapse prevention. It teaches the user how to identify thoughts and feelings which can lead to relapse. Then it leads the user to a daily reading geared to what they are currently experiencing which helps change “relapse” thinking into “sober” thinking. It also calculates sober time and money saved staying sober. It was developed by a licensed chemical dependency counselor who personally has over 27 years of sobriety.

Quit Now

Android, free
In English and Spanish. Counts days without smoking, cigarettes not smoked, money saved, and time saved. Covers nine aspects of health that will gradually improve, tips for quitting, and provides a widget.

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This free mobile-friendly in-browser app includes Daily AA and NA Readings, Speaker Tapes, Chat Room, Recovery Stories, Clean Times, Meditation Mode, and more. Create an account to keep track of your sober time, chat with other members, and get location-based recovery events.

There are many more great addiction apps that are available, fees range from .99 to 35.00 per month.

Derrick D. Billingslea is an alcoholism and addictions treatment professional with over two decades in recovery himself and he is the Founder and CEO of HUGS Recovery Centers, located in Atlanta, Georgia.