HUGS Recovery

Why Are We So Different?

At HUGS Recovery, we believe that many people go through life with unaddressed trauma… this causes them to lose hope, inner peace and personal fulfillment. Often, going to treatment can mean exchanging one drug for another all while having some insurance company dictate to the treatment center the level and length of care. This approach rarely ever works to the benefit of the persons being served. What’s even worst is that, clients and their loved-ones lose faith in the treatment industry, falsely believing that all treatment centers are the same. Controlled by the insurance companies for billing rather than focusing on what’s best for the client.

We don’t accept insurance, nor take orders from the insurance companies regarding the care of our clients and we don’t prescribe drugs in exchange for other drugs. Instead we provide therapy and recovery services best suited to the client needs, because everyone deserves healing, inner peace and personal fulfillment.

We arm our clients with the facts about themselves and their choices, we then guild them in making positive life-style changes, recovery and the discovery of their inner peace.

We are here because everyone deserves healing, inner peace and personal fulfillment. When people recover and discover their inner peace, they come alive! For the past 22 years we have helped thousands with that process.

Please Call Us for your Free no-obligation consultation. Let’s discuss your challenges or the problems someone you love is facing. We are compassionate and respectful. You will learn about the best possible solutions, our treatment methods, and the easy steps to getting started.

Call now. We are waiting for your call. Call toll free 888-874-0593.   Office Hours M-F 9-5.

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