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Veterans Upward Bound……

is a long-term supportive therapeutic community program for disable U.S. Veterans. The program offers clean, safe housing and services such as case management, education, crisis intervention, counseling and  services targeted towards specialized populations including homeless disable women Veterans.

Our therapeutic community programs for disable veterans are up to 24 months in length of stay. The goal is to provide these veterans with the supportive services necessary to make the transition into permanent housing and healthy productive lifestyles.  

A Veterans Resource Specialist is assigned to each veteran to ensure that they are educated on benefits afforded to them by the U.S. Government.   

Fees for the program are only 30% of the veterans total monthly income.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Must be a homeless disable veteran
  • Must have copy of DD-214 or proof of service
  • Must be a disable veteran receiving disability benefits 
  • Attendance in a 28 day life- stabilization program 


Due to our low fee schedule we rely on grants when available and donations to make up the short fall. You can help with your tax-deductible donations and sponsor a bed for a disable vet today!

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