Residential Admissions Criteria

Residential Admissions Criteria

  • Must be ages 18 – 65 years old with a primary diagnosis of substance use disorder
  • Must have a current negative TB test result (within the last six months)
  • If already detoxed, must be discharged from a detox within 72 hours prior to admissions into HUGS Recovery Centers
  • Be willing and able to comply with all program rules, recommendations and requirements of the treatment program; and able to care for self
  • Be willing to live in a residential therapeutic community setting with limitations placed on their personal privacy with responsibility taken for the residence
  • Day’s and Hours of Admissions are M,W,F from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Exclusion Criteria

Clients admitted to the Adult residential units will not be admitted if the following are present:

  • The person’s primary diagnosis (or diagnoses) is/are: mental health, dementia, mental retardation, malingering and/or antisocial personality disorder
  • The person is on methadone maintenance
  • The person has significant active or invasive medical treatment needs
  • The person is in need of a forensic treatment setting
  • The person has a history of sexually perpetrating or is a registered sexual offender
  • History of legal convictions involving crimes of violence (i.e. armed robbery, murder, rape, etc.)

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