Residential Recovery Program (ASAM Level III.I)


Our affordable residential fees are private pay only. Your insurance can be billed for in-clinic outpatient therapy services:

  • 90 to 120 days
  • Gender-specific
  • Peer Mentoring
  • State licensed ASAM III. I Program
  • Customized treatment plans
  • Day and evening treatment schedules
  • Outpatient detox (if medically required)
  • Clean, safe and structured living environments
  • Private and semi-private rooms in Therapeutic Settings
  • Coexisting Disorders (primary diagnosis must be Substance Use Disorder)
  • Family Education and Support Program included in the cost of care
  • Staffed for appropriate supervision, accountability and behavioral modification
  • Intensive Treatment Schedules with Licensed and Certified Addiction Therapist (In-clinic services billed to your insurance plan). 


Recovery Residence Fees

  • Admissions fees are $1,500 for clients with approved insurance plans                             (Depending on your plan, HUGS may be able to bill your insurance for detox, medical labs and physical exam). 
  • Admissions fee for self pay clients are $2,000                                                                   (includes labs and physical exam).
  • Outpatient detox if medically required $5,000
  • Monthly recovery residence fees are $1,000 for semi-private rooms and $1,500 for private rooms.


Abbreviated Admission Criteria

  • Must be a male ages 18 years or older with a primary diagnosis of substance use disorder
  • The program does not admit clients who are on methadone maintenance
  • If already detoxed, must be discharged from a detox within 72 hours prior to admissions into HUGS Recovery
  • The person must not have a history of sexually perpetrating or is a registered sexual offender
  • Be willing and able to comply with all program rules, recommendations and requirements of the program; and able to pay for services and care for self
  • Be willing to live in a therapeutic setting with limitations placed on their personal privacy with responsibility taken for the residence


Interdisciplinary Team

Our Physician-led team of Masters’ Level Clinicians, has more than 100 collective years of experience in treating addictive disorders and coexisting psychiatric disorders. The team includes Physicians, Registered Nurses, Licensed Psychotherapist, Master Addiction Counselors, Certified Clinical Therapists, Certified Addiction Counselors and Certified Recovery Peer Specialists.

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To ensure appropriate levels of care, we adhere to The ASAM Criteria 




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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide high quality affordable care to adults and adolescents who may be in crisis and threaten with permanent disability due to the ravages of alcoholism, drug addiction and/or mental illness.

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