Young Adults Program

Although substance abuse and mental disorders can be found in almost every family, they are often misunderstood and stigmatized. The reality is that mental disorders are very common throughout the United States, affecting tens of millions of people each year, and addiction is not a simple choice, but a chronic brain disease that can be treated and managed. Because we care so much for our clients and their families, we provide each one with an individualized whole-health wellness plan that has proved to be both effective and affordable.

Recently we launched a capital campaign to build or purchase a residential facility for young adults 18-26 and are reaching out to you and other compassionate benefactors for your support. We anticipate that the cost of this project will be approximately $2,500,000.00, and your contribution will help us provide the appropriate care that these young people need to move forward in their lives in a positive way.

Because of the steady increase in substance abuse and mental illness in young adults, rehabilitation centers have recently begun to design programs that meet the unique needs of this specific group. Medical and mental-health care professionals now recognize that treatment programs cannot simply be modified versions of programs designed for mature adults and that different approaches are necessary to treat this demographic. Because young adults respond best in peer-to-peer environments, the chances for recovery increase tremendously in a residential facility.

The facility that we are planning is centered on our heartfelt commitment to help young adults who are suffering the effects of mental illness, alcoholism and chemical dependency. Our goal is to give them the tools to regain control of their young lives so that they can be successfully reunited with their families and play a productive role in society.

For more information, please email me at If you have any questions about our programs, our therapies, or our plans for our rehabilitation residential facility for young adults 18-26, please feel free to call me at 404-228-2222 ext. 4. We would love to hear from you and look forward to your involvement and support! 





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